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Please have a look at Geraldine Cove-Print's independent Product Review published in Dog World in November 2014 on the Press page


"I have to say that your K9 CleanCoats are absolutely fantastic & have excelled all expectations. They are not just a luxury, they have already proved to be an absolute necessity for my fully-coated Cockers - hence the order for the next batch for the oldies.  The coats had a thorough testing the other Sunday in really foul, wet weather.  We were out for 2.5hrs over fields, pounding the pavements, rain beating down & splashing up from the road.  The dogs splashing through puddles and creating their own spray.  When I took their coats off, I was truly amazed.  The coats were sopping wet, but the dogs were completely dry & very, very happy.  I've tried other products over the years, none have been successful and have just served to matt the coat up, but with your K9 CleanCoats there was not a matt in sight on any of the dogs - brilliant!  I really didn't believe the coats could work as perfectly as they do.  We are now well-prepared for winter and the weather can throw what it likes at us.  There will be no more soggy, wet, smelly Cockers and no more bored dogs who can't understand why they are not getting walks on wet days.  It takes less than 2 minutes to put the coats on, but saves hours getting them clean & dry afterwards.  Thank you Aileen & Toto for sharing your excellent product with us - we are proud to be members of the K9 CleanCoats Club."
Carol West, Leicestershire - Sheigra Cocker Spaniels

"Just to let you know that Annie & Ellie's coats had a real test today - torrential hailstorm & soaking when a wave smashed over the sea wall!!  But the girls stayed dry!! Very impressed"
Margaret Thompson, Tyne & Wear - Old English Sheepdogs
Toto has thoroughly product tested K9 CleanCoats & does not recommend walking your dogs underneath sea walls.....

"We well & truly tested out our new K9 CleanCoats today.  It was pouring with rain & we were walking through long, wet grass. I thought this would be a loser, but when I got them home & stripped them off, they were bone dry all over except for the bits that were exposed.  Thank you for these great garments."
Anna Naylor, East Sussex - English Springer Spaniels

"Absolutely FAB!  Super fit, & they look great.  Many thanks for all your attention & trouble.  Will take some pics, if it ever stops raining.  Very best wishes."
Sue Pearson, South Wales - Irish Setters

"Thank you so much for the beautiful K9 CleanCoats. They look absolutely fabulous & I am so pleased with them. When at the shows, I will definitely promote them for you!"
Charmaine Armstrong, Essex - Miniature Schnauzers

"Just a quick note to say thank you so much for the coats.  Dolly & Baloo will be much drier now.  Fantastic product & so well made."
Margaret Whitelam, Merseyside - Cocker & Patterdale Terrier

"My coats arrived safe & sound & they are lovely & fit both dogs perfectly.  I was really surprised how easy the dogs took to them.  Erika (7yo Doberman) has never had any tupe of coat on before, but was totally unphased.  Thanks again."
Lynn Glass, Lanarkshire - Miniature English Bull Terrier & Doberman

"Following our road accident, Tiggi has had to wear her K9 CleanCoat all the time as she kept licking her scar & was making it raw, so the vet gave me some steroid cream, which of course she mustn't lick. What a blessing it's been, so she didn't have to wear an Elizabethan collar, which spooks her!"
Janie Neville, Norfolk - Irish Setter

"They look brilliant! The dogs love them & they are not stressed putting them on or wearing them. Thank you."
Ralph Dunne, County Cavan, Ireland - Clumber Spaniels

"I can't even tell you how much of a difference it has made so I'd like to order 2 more. No buster collar for the first time in 2 years. It fits perfectly & he seems very comfortable in it. We get horrid burrs out here & yesterday Joe came in without anything sticking to him! Thank you so much. x"
Trish Tabone, Malta - Bichon Frise with severe allergies

"Drogo's K9 CleanCoat has been a godsend in the rainy season & even in mornings where the grass is still wet. It helps to keep the fur dry & brushable after the early morning walk. Thanks again for your great sewing work."
Ann Heinhuis, Holland - Cocker Spaniel

"Maya has bone cancer (& secondary cancers) & has been in pain.  She's now comfortable on pain medication & wearing her PJs on cold days & bedtimes as she still cries when cold. She wore it on her final holiday hurray in Wales last week.  I'd certrainly recommend K9 CleanCoats to fellow dog (especially Ridgeback) owners!"
Esther Watson-Wynyard, Derbyshire - Rhodesian Ridgebacks

"I want you to know how happy we both are (Toby & I) with the K9 CleanCoat. It was tricky to put on the first few times, but we have the hang of it now & it is amazingly easy to get on & off. The coat is the very thing I have been looking for over the years. Having had spaniels more years that I want to be thinking about, it is the ultimate in convenience and time saving, and now that we have snow, quite deep in place, it has really come into its own. It's magic! I'm so pleased with it & Toby too, all we have to do now is dry his paws. I tuck his ears in the hood when he's in the snow & I think he's very grateful!!! With many thanks and much appreciation."
Jane Strang, Ross-shire - American Cocker Spaniel

"The K9 CleanCoats are amazing, just the job! My old girl would not have coped without it holidaying here in the French Alps for 6 weeks. Keeps them warm & dry - really pleased. They are much admired. The French like their dogs, better than people I think!!  Keep up the good work."
Nadine Fletcher, Devon - Minature Schnauzers

"I just wanted to share with you how wonderful your product is & what a difference it will make. Tia Maria is a Spanish Pointer from Spain & was found under a car at 4 weeks old. When she came to England it was snowing, so we bought her a wax jacket.  She ran like the wind & was non-stop on her walks & it did its job & kept her dry on her back, but afterwards I always had to try to keep her covered up with a blanket. Following a severe attack by a Mastine, she had to undergo major surgery to tie her leg back together has been left with no muscle in her back leg.  This has slowed her down a bit & she suffers a bit now after exercise, so you see, the coat that you have made her is not just pretty & cute, it will have a direct impact on her life by keeping her old joints and the metal work insider her back leg warm & working!  Thank you from Tia & all of us, you may have just helped a little 12-year old dog have a new lease of life."
Lisa Hayes, Somerset - Spanish Pointer

"Crispin has always been a cold mortal, but he has recently been diagnosed with spinal arthritis & assoicated muscle loss on his hind legs.  He is having physio for this, which involves lots of heat treatment & massage, so it's important that he keeps warm. I have struggled to find something that fits him properly & is comfortable to be worn for several hours at a time. His K9 CleanCoat seems to fit the bill, especially as, unlike some other coats etc, it wraps his thigh muscles too. Although it's primarily for him to wear indoors, he has been out in it on a couple of cold mornings and is perfectly happy.  It's very easy to get on & off.  Many thanks."
Laura Curtis, Buckinghamshire - Curly-Coated Retriever

"Just to say what a success the K9 CleanCoats are.  Alfie (Staffordshire Bull Terrier) is lovely & cosy and enjoying being out in the winter weather all day at the stables. Hannah (Border Collie) comes in clean & dry after a full day out, even on the muddiest days, then enjoys an evening by the fire instead of drying off in the kitchen. The coats are standing up to daily dog abuse. Washed, dried & ready for the next day & worn for 10 plus hours every day. So pleased. Thank you."
Claire Morton, Inverness-shire - Staffie & Collie

"On our walk this morning, Grace wore her snow leopard K9 CleanCoat in the snow! At home, just feet to dry - bliss...."
Christine Borthwick, Dumfries-shire - Irish Setters

"The lovely K9 CleanCoat has just had its first outing. Tassel was a little unsure when I dressed him, but soon forgot about it when running about on the walk. Only feet, willy & tail to clean when we got home! Tassel is a fan.I wish you wall in your dog coat business, & thank you again."
Jan Thrower, Essex - Papillon

"We are very impressed how fantastic they look & how well they fit, despite my vague measuring. Jack looks very comfortable & smart, and does not mind at all wearing them! Took him to the farm, where he happily ran around in wind & rain 'helping' with the horses as usual. He arrived back at the house in the evening clean & dry, which not only keeps the house and furniture clean but also makes it much more enjoyable to stroke & cuddle him, which he loves."
Dorthe Joyce, Gloucestershire - Border Collie

"We are thrilled with Jaxon's coat.  It will be great when we walk him in the heavy snow.  Thank you so much!"
Lyn White, Maine, USA - Old English Sheepdog

"Delighted to report Thor's package came in the post today and although it has been a nice sunny day, he had to try it on and was delighted and rushed about in it!! Have to say his owner is very pleased too."
Sine Threlfall, Isle of Skye - Skye Terrier

"Delighted with Archie's coat, tailor-made to fit the Dandie's funny proportions.  Looking forward to a winter without our little dog becoming wet, muddy & covered in snowballs!  Aileen of K9 CleanCoats provides a professional, prompt service & is a pleasure to deal with. 

We are so happy with Archie's K9 CleanCoats, they are now getting used every day and have transformed winter for us!"
Lesley Proctor Sutherland, Highland Scotland - Dandie Dinmont Terrier

"Arrived in South Wales on Friday for dog show Saturday. Well, Saturday morning woke up to torrential rain and thought it's onesie time. So Brodie arrived at show in his onesie and his coat was beautiful and of course dry - it was great. There were some bedraggled dogs arriving, but our Brodie was beautiful and went on to win 1st in Limit Dog, thanks to your onesie. xx"
Margaret Miller, Clackmannanshire - Gordon Setter

"I am delighted!  Princess will be wearing her coat on her birthday & just in time for the snow too. It fits her perfectly & looks devine.  Love the pink with her name & co-ordinating hood - thank you for suggesting it."
Karen Horsfield, West Yorkshire - Bichon Frise

"Gracie wore her K9 CleanCoat last night as her jammies....  first night since we started getting frosts that she hasn't woken me up to be tucked back in under a blanket:)  It's great, & very well made.  Thanks a lot, will definitely be recommending you to friends & will try to get a photo of her for you down in the bush wearing them:)"
Rich Lynch, New Zealand - Weimeraner

"Many thanks for Ticket's K9 cleanCoat, I am delighted with it. It fits him perfectly - thank heavens you questioned my measurements!"
Nicola Morgans, Suffolk - English Springer Spaniels

"Cal & I went out to the woods this morning to test his new coat out - it was a truly mucky day out, so it was a perfect test. He wasn't sure about it at first, but once we got to the woods he was bombing around as usual. It was such a relief to be able to simply wash his little feet when we got back, & not have to chase him round the bathroom with the showerhead like on every other muddy walk! Thanks so much."
Dorrie Young, Hertfordshire - Dandie Dinmont Terrier

"Ida Mae's K9 CleanCoat is fabulous & even though I wanted to hide it until her birthday, I just had to try it on her!!  She was very excited & looked so pretty in it!  I couldn't get it off her - she lay in my arms like a baby in it.  I'll never get it off her in the colder months as she's a real snuggle pup.  The other 3 got very excited too so I think they'll be happy wieh they get theirs!"
Sarah Crispin, Devon - Dalmatians

"The boys have worn their K9 CleanCoats a lot over the Christmas holiday period & they love them. They fit so well, I don't think they know if they have them on or not. Doesn't slow them down any, even jumping up trees after squirrels. An awful lot of people have asked where we got them from. We have given out your website."
Meryle & Ian Bott, Staffordshire - Welsh Springer Spaniels

"We tried the K9 CleanCoats out properly in heavy rain yesterday. They worked a treat - no wet soggy dogs & no smell. We're really pleased with them."
Alyson Johnson, Tyne & Wear - Old English Sheepdogs

"I love them & how easy they are to get into. Nice thing is, if the weather is bad they could travel to shows wearing the suits in the van as they will not over heat during the winter. So excited - can't believe I am looking forward to rain walks now!
Sandie Robertson, Bedfordshire - Old English Sheepdogs

"Please thank your mum, Toto, for the great suit she made for my brother. Riley kinldy let me borrow it to go to the Gundog of Wales Champ Show. I walked in along the muddy paths & went on to the grass to do my business and arrived at the Hall as clean as I was when I left Scotland. It's now washed, like new and hanging out in the sun ready for the next road trip. Thanks again Toto & Aileen.
Alfie - Welsh Springer Spaniel

"I have just received Star's sky blue CleanCoat & am totally over the moon with it.  She can move freely and it doesn't restrict her from jumping up on the bench, which is her favourite look out spot!  The quality of your work is amazing, along with prompt delivery.  I am a very happy customer!

Just wanted to send you an update regarding Star. Her hair has now grown back and she looks so much happier in her own skin. I posted lots of pics of the K9 CleanCoat on an allergy help page on Facebook and have had such a huge response - they totally love it."
Ursula Mackinder, Wilts - Staffordshire Bull Terrier

"Zena now lives in her onesie and no itching!"
James Williamson, Perthshire - Jack Russell Terrier

"Aileen, the coats are wonderful. Just been for a walk in torrential rain to try them & the dogs are dry. Thank you so much - so pleased with them."
Louise Bailey, Mid-Lothian - Dandie Dinmont Terrier & Minature Wire-haired Dachshund

"Quinn's K9 CleanCoat has arrived & I absolutely love it! It fits him perfectly and he looks so cute! Thanks so much, it's exactly what I wanted & I will definitely be recommending you to my friends."
Beck Russell, Staffordshire - Chihuahua x Chinese Crested

"I have received the coats today. They soon got used to wearing them. They both fit really well & look lovely."
Alan Taylor, Vale of Glamorgan - Irish Setters

"Thank you for Cosette's beautiful coat.  I am very impressed with this coat's excellent quality & how very easy it was to put on, even though she is a bouncy setter."
Jan McCabe, Dorset - Irish Setter

"It's arrived & it's brill! Thank you."
Debbi Palmer, East Yorkshire - Old English Sheepdogs

"Thank you so much for Honey's coat. She looks amazing & it fits a treat."
Georgie Claxton, Somerset - Clumber Spaniel

"Many thanks, we're delighted with Rab's tartan K9 CleanCoat, & I'm sure he will be too once the colder weather returns!"
Alison Wilson, Grampian - Minature Short-haired Dachshund

"Dylan loves his snuggly coat when he comes out of the sea.  Thanks ever so much, it's brill!"
Michelle Wadsworth, Derbyshire - Cocker Spaniel

"Arti's coat arrived today. I have tried it on him and it fits beautifully. Thanks so much, I'm thrilled with it."
Janet & Tony Steele, Warwickshire - Old English Sheepdogs

"Flori looks great. I am delighted with her suit. It will be invaluable during the coming winter months."
Lesley Bowman, Highland Scotland - Italian Greyhounds

"Received Macys K9 CleanCoat suit. How adorable and well made. I'm so happy and it will, I'm sure, help her skin heal. It fits fine and comfy for her lounging about in her chair as she normally does. Thanks again!"
Janie Langhorne, Northumberland - Minature Dachshund

"Thanks, Aileen, the coat is great and Seamus looks very handsome in it. What a great idea! His coat will be invaluable on wet show days. I'm absolutely delighted with it."
Marion McIntyre, Glasgow - Irish Setters

"Coat looks fabulous and it really suits him. Love the fabric too! It's going to be for keeping him clean and dry before a show and it's just what I need. He was lovely and clean when we got to our bench at Birmingham National, so I'm happy with the result."
Lesley Gilks, Glos - Irish Setters

"Poppy had her K9 CleanCoat on in the woods yesterday and it was great to come home and not pull half the woods out of her coat. Thanks x"
Karen Forbes, Moray - Cesky Terriers

"Pele has had his K9 CleanCoat on & it fits beautifully."
Sylvia Cole, Nottinghamshire - Irish & English Setters

"Thank you, it's a perfect fit and Honey looks great in it!"
Georgie Donohue, Devon - Clumber Spaniels

"Daisy does feel the cold and really enjoys her onesie. She wears it in the house during the day. Everyone has remarked on the stunning colours!"
Yvonne, Morayshire - Whippet

“We had the best night’s sleep in ages as in her cosy new coat Willow slept the whole night through without getting up with the cold, and Fern only got up once which is a record. All looking brilliant still, just put them (the coats!) up to dry as Willow got hers wet on the walk.”
Elspeth McKay-Smith, Aberdeenshire – Weimeraners

"Just a quick note to say thank you for Ollie's lovely K9 Clean coats, I am amazed at how good they are at keeping his coat totally clean and dry underneath despite his best efforts as they do not restrict him running at all. He is constantly admired with the super bright designs. I am happy to recommend them to anyone!"
Sue Large, Lancashire - American Cocker Spaniel

“A hard wearing practical coat which keeps my cockers clean & dry when it’s wet outside, looks stylish too, so they gets lots of admirers when out walking.”
Bev Dummett, Avon & Somerset - American Cocker Spaniels

“This coat is great for when it's muddy underfoot. It keeps Wes warm and also clean especially when he's just been bathed for a show!! Fits snug and is comfortable to exercise in.”
Shelagh Tolladay, West Yorkshire – Welsh Springer

“He actually enjoyed wearing it and didn’t try to trash it either; after this photo he went into the field and had a good run and the coat didn’t hinder his movement which was pleasing.”
Tereza Watkins, Gloucestershire - English Setter

“Cracking coat, what a good fit.”
Lyndsey Steele, Morayshire - Clumber Spaniel

Farrah looks fab in her coat & it only took her a few moments to get used to it.  Thank you very much."
Louise Smith, Fife - Sprocker

"Thank you very much for making a clean coat for my Jack Russell. She has a very short coat and matching legs and the clean coat makes sure that she is warm, dry and, best of all, clean, on winter walks.”
Denise Reynolds, Aberdeenshire - Jack Russell

Made to Measure Dog Coats, Designer Dog onesies, Kevlar Dog Motorcycle Suit, Tartan Dog Coats, Designer Dog Bodysuits and Dog Pyjamas

"We have all spent far too much money on gadgets & gimmicks for our dogs, so to find one that was truly worth the money is a rarity!  Our K9 CleanCoats really do what they say they will do; they keep the dogs clean & dry!  More than that, the design allows our dogs to run & jump and do everything spaniels do on their muddy walk, and then come home clean!  The coats do not restric their ability to enjoy life, but our house is saved the mess and their feathering remains clean - always a bonus with red & white dogs!  Furthermore, the whole process was painless, Aileen talking us through the measurements to ensure the perfect fit.  The coats arrived in a timely fashion too!  Easy to wash & dry these coats should be an essential element for any dog owner.  If only they did a version for our 2 sons!  We can not thank Aileen enough and thoroughly recommend her products to you."
Tim & Honor Harrison, Derbyshire - Glenbrows Welsh Springer Spaniels

"It's here & he has it on.  YOU ARE A GENIUS!  Thank you so much, he seems very happy in it.  He's strutting his stuff, wagging his tail, looking as pleased as punch, and now he's gone for a lie down to try his K9 CleanCoat out as PJs.  I am so pleased, I cannot tell you, thank you again".
Fran Chivers, Wiltshire - aged Toy Poodle with complete Alopecia

"You have designed an amazing product that is so versatile and it's amazing how it's helping so many dogs in so many different ways.  It really has been a life saver for Star and she's so happy wearing her pink suit.  To see her running happily in the field without coming in covered in hives and sore legs is so heart warming.  We are so grateful to you and Toto because without him the K9 CleanCoat may never have been designed.  I wish you all the best & I'm sure this won't be the last order."
Mark Hudd, Wiltshire - Staffordshire Bull Terrier with allergies

"I have a very skinny, small dog I rescued from Indonesia.  She is perfect for tropical 40 degree heat, not cold, rainy UK.  Today I took her out in minus 2 degree weather in her K9 CleanCoat & she looked so snuggley.  She walked perfectly, without awkwardness, she was wagging her tail & went to the toilet easily.  I am so happy with the colour & fit.  She is an odd shape & it looks so snug on her.  I am extremely happy with her coat & the wonderful customer service I received.  Worth every penny. Thank you."
Dayna Johnson, Hereford - Bali dog

"I am really pleased I got in touch with you.  I'm not just pleased because of the publicity, (though that was a fortunate side effect) but I'm happy because you've been helpful & very accommodating.  I've really enjoyed every exchange we've had and at no point have I felt uncomfortable in dealing with you over my somewhat bizarre request!  Thank you so much for your time, & if there's anything I can help you with in the future, just give me a shout!"
Steve Hawley, Oxfordshire - Labrador (Kevlar protective motorcycle K9 CleanCoat worn by British Biker Dog, Renee)

"I can’t thank Aileen enough for rescuing my working cocker spaniel, Piper, and myself from the perils of grass seeds and sticky buds this summer. Piper is six months old and particularly fluffy, with a penchant for charging headlong into undergrowth, resulting in an accumulation of seeds entangled in her coat which can take several hours each day to remove.  Having decided the K9 CleanCoat was worth a try, I contacted Aileen, who was amazingly supportive and helpful, patiently taking me through the measurement procedure on the telephone, and turning around the coat in very quick time.  Piper is not the most cooperative puppy in the world, so putting the coat on her, singlehandedly, is somewhat of a challenge at times, but I can honestly say it has transformed our walks, which I was beginning to dread, into a pleasurable experience once more."
Carolyn Willis, Buckinghamshire - Working Cocker

"Many thanks for Scooby's K9 CleanCoat - I think the Stars & Stripes looks fantastic on him & so does he!!  He has taken to his coat so well; we were worried he would hot be able to run as freely as he does, but he has taken to it like a duck to water & it appears to be his second skin!  It keeps him so dry & has solved a big 'mess' problem for us!  Many thanks for this superbly made-to-measure coat.  We are well pleased, & would recommend your coats without hesitation."
Jacqueline Fusco, Lincolnshire - Border Collie

"Cuffy had a marvellous romp through the woods last weekend.  Normally he skirts around puddles & mucky bits, but with his new suit on he took great delight in charging through everything. He came home with a black suit but clean body!  Hurrah!
Hilary Blandford, Kent - Soft-coated Wheaten Terrier

"Tscherni's K9 CleanCoat looks lovely, especially with one colour and then the contrast embroidery. We are so pleased with it. It fits beautifully and does exactly what we wanted: to stop any yellow stains on his coat on show days. You are right, it is huge, but then so is he! If you want any endorsement of your work, we would be delighted. Many thanks for all your time and trouble to produce the coat. Kind regards."
Liz & Nigel Dawson, Lancashire - Borzois

"Ava's coat is fabulous! The fit is good & her movement is not restricted at all. Many thanks."
Joy Banks, Warwickshire - Sealyham Terrier

"I don't know what to say, Hope's K9 CleanCoat is absolutely beautiful & by far exceeds my expectations.  Thank you."
Glyniss Kidd, Essex - Cocker Spaniel

"I have used the K9 CleanCoat in the rain a few times in the last week & it kept Rio lovely & dry & clean. The coats really do do what they say they do.  Rio got really quite wet one of the days, but when I took the coat off all I had to do was dry his paws. Think I'll order another one soon so that there will be one to wear while the other one is drying!"
Heather Tew, Morayshire - Golden Retriever

"I will have to make a video for you of the girls running freely in the forrest.  I haven't been so relaxed at our morning walks since I have changed the shorthaired breed for my spaniels.  Now I don't care if they tear around every bush on our way.  I just can't imagine how to survive without your wonderful coats.  As October can still be quite hot in Slovenia, could you please make summer-weight coats for both the girls. Same measurements because they work perfectly.  Thank you for making my life easier.
Katjar Longar, Slovenia - American Cocker & English Springer Spaniels

"Thank you so much for the onesies for Leila & Harry, they fit beautifully.  Leila & I were caught out in heavy rain this morning & the coat worked a dream.  She also met a couple of her very boisterous friends & was rolled in the mud a few times.  The coat has already had a quick rinse & spin & is hanging in the kitchen to dry.  Thank you again for making these coats so beautifully, will certainly try to do some promotion for you.  I have already made smaller flyers of your advert to carry in my pocket when out walking!"
Sue Bolden, Suffolk - Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen & Portuguese Sheepdog

"I would like to order another coat for Coby.  We had our first play in the snow 5 days ago & no snowballs building up on his legs.... It was wonderful to see him playing so happily.  I don't know how we managed without it.  Life is so much easier now for both of us."
Joanne Davies, Lancashire - Bichonpoo

"Oh wow, wow, wow!!!! your amazing parcel  (of 3 surplus to requirements large samples coats) arrived and they are FANTASTIC!!!  I am afraid I took one straight away and put it on my poor old boy Basil who is 13 1/2 and very frail due to his Cushings Disease. He has been so happy & settled today in it. Thank you SO MUCH xxxx"
Ruth Boswell, Retired Greyhound Trust, Perry Barr

"We went to Manchester Championship Show today & it was the first time the boys wore their onesies to a show. It was so good to take off their K9 CleanCoats, give them a quick brush & they were ready for the ring - no hassle of washing their willy feathers & hoping they would dry before going into the ring! It was so very cold there, especialy given that the Irish Setters were benched only a few yards away from 2 wide-open doors and they wre toasty in their coats. I am so pleased with them & would like to order 2 more for them."
Diane Cardwell, Surrey - Irish Setters

"Here are the coats for adjustment. Even before slight tweaking, I cannot say how wonderful they have proved to be. In fact, I'm finding it very hard to put them in the post to you, as even though we've only had them for a week, I can't bear to be without them!!!!!  At Southern Counties Championship Show they were fantastic as it was so cold on the benches for the dogs, all the others were shivering, but Walter, Ivy & George were all cosy & warm."
Carol West, Leicestershire - Cocker Spaniels

"Just to let you know I'm delighted with Isla's K9 CleanCoat.  Thank you for the instruction letter that came with it, which was very helpful.  Please feel free to quote me as saying your service was excellent & the design, quality of material & workmanship in the coat is second to none. The fit is also excellent."
Lesley Caskie, Highland Scotland - Cavachon

"I just wanted to let you know how delighted we are with Cody's coat. I was stuck in a rut of coninutal bathing, which led to knots froming & made grooming a nightmare. Now he has his K9 CleanCoat on everyday and hasn't needed a bath since! My house is kept the way I like it, which is a win-win for me!"
Kerri Alexander, Morayshire - Lhasa Apso

"Maxi is using his coat everyday & is getting used to it. It has transformed the walks at the moment! He can now still get his hour contryside walk - rather than the pavement for half-an-hour with only a longer one at the weekend followed by a bath!  To bath & dry Maxi is a 1-1.5hrs job. Now I only wash his feet & chops & we are done. I love it! I put the coat inthe washing machine for a rinse and put it on the radiator ready for next time. Perfect."
Pia Jenkins, Cambridgeshire - Bichon Frise

"Tina's K9 CleanCoat fits her really well & she runs around in it as if she wan't wearing it. What a relief when I take it off - she is so clean - amazing! Thanks again."
Claire Soutter, Middlesex - Border Collie

"Milo's K9 CleanCoat is lovely, thank you! Appreciated the instruction sheet as was tricky first time to get him in, but can see as we get more used to it we'll get faster. He came home clean for the first time in weeks!!! I will be having a second one."
Lynette Soanes, Devon - Shih Tzu x Bichon

"Absolutely delighed with Isla's K9 CleanCoat.  She was a bit confused at first, but after trying to eat it then roll it off, she realised that she looks quite cool in it.  It's absolutely beautiful & so well made.  No more painful snowballs on her feathers!"
Lesley Caskie, Highland Scotland - Cavachon

"I had Alfie out today in his K9 CleanCoat in the snow & he came back dry as a bone & it was blizzard conditions. Love it! Thanks very much."
Jo Huggan, West Yorkshire - Old English Sheepdog

"Cariad's K9 CleanCoat is beautiful & it kept him really warm today on the beach. Thank you once again, it is a fantastic coat."
Jean Davies, North Wales - Chinese Crested

"Sophie's K9 CleanCoat is already proving to be a god send on our walks, keeping her dry, clean & warm. I have no hesitation in recommending it to others."
Chris Sterry, Wiltshire - Standard Poodles

"Many thanks for the K9 CleanCoats which arrived just in time for the very wet days we have just had.  They played statues at first, but once they got on their way we had no problems and they returned home clean & dry - great!"
Ian & Brenda Evans, Pembrokeshire - Cocker Spaniel & Jack Russell  
"Well the onesie certainly had a good test this morning. They are currently dripping all over my bathroom floor, but the dogs are dry!! So couldn't be more pleased. I love going out very early in the morning, but with the autumn dew I have been leaving until later in the day, so can now go early. I am so thrilled. I am a groomer by trade and look forward to doing business with you in the future as I am not only pleased with the coats, but your overall attitude and business acumen as well as your time & patience."

Carol Evans, Staffordshire - Old English Sheepdogs

"Arti's coat arrived very quickly & fits perfectly. So easy to put on & take off. Doesn't restrict the movement at all & I'm so impressed at how clean & dry it keeps him. With an Old English Sheepdog like Arti, in full coat, this K9 CleanCoat is a must for wet, muddy days. It's going to save so much work. Thank you Aileen, the coat is just brilliant."
Janet & Tony Steele, Warwickshire - Old English Sheepdog

"It's such a joy coming home with a clean, dry & cosy wee dog. Thank you again for your excellent customer service, aftercare and attention to detail - you are a lovely lady! I'll keep in touch & let you know how we are getting on."
Sandra Shah, West Lothian - Bichon Frise

"Thank you for our amazing coats.  Pink is our favourite colour and we love it that we have our names on them. We feel snug as bugs in them and although mum says they are to keep us warm on show days, we have also been wearing them at home we we can snuggle up on the sofa like mum does in her pjs.  We think every doglet should have one of these and they are worth every penny of our pawket money that we saved.  Woof, woof and big spotty kisses.
Talula & Delila Fillingham, Dalmatians - Dorset

"Thank you for the parcel with Timmy's CleanCoat.  He opened it himself.  It is beautiful & fits very well.  He will appreciate it most in winter as he gets so many snowballs on his legs, chest & belly such that he can no longer move after 10 minutes!"
Monika Gurtlschmidt, Vienna, Austria - Welsh Springer Spaniels

"Dylan's K9 CleanCoat came today.  I put him in it just to verify the fit, which is perfect!  Once he had it on, he crawled up on the sofa and went to sleep.  He loves it.  We are both delighted and thank you so much for making them.  Are we your first American customers?  Take care & thanks again!"
Kerry Turley, Oregon, USA - Welsh Springer Spaniels

No more soggy, wet walks, thanks to Aileen.  The hairy guys have got their coats all ready for winter & shows.  Best investment ever and they look fantastic.  We all just love them.  The dogs love them too, & they don't restrict any movement at all.  They are made-to-measure so fit like a glove, with a velcro bit at the side & are very easy to put on & take off.  They are fantastic coats for wet days!"
Joyce Forbes, Grampian - Old English Sheepdogs

"On a day like today you need a coat from Aileen & Toto. We have one for Riley and what a difference! Just been to the park in the heavy rain and Riley is so dry. It is a good fit at his feet & bum.  It has nice tight elastic cuffs & a hood so only his pretty little feet are out in the rain. They certainly keep the boy dry. These coats work. Great stuff! Thank you very much. 
Linda Tyler, Central Scotland - Welsh Springer Spaniels

"I'm thrilled the coats fit perfectly and were easy to put on. The dogs didn't seem too bothered by them either which is always a bonus!"
Maggie Wilson, Essex - English Springer Spaniels

"I am delighted with Poppy's K9 Cleancoat, it fits her beautifully and protects her from the rain and mud when we are out exercising even on the worst days. I can even let her run on the fields now just before a show. My one regret was I didn't buy one earlier as I am certain it would have been useful when she was feeding her puppies. I would have felt able to take her for a walk without worrying about her getting dirty. I will definitely buy more for my other dogs. Thank you,
Vivien Blackshaw - Irish Setters"

"Looks fantastic and fits perfectly and he didn't mind the process."
Dr Carol Parlow, Canada - Chihuahua

"We are so grateful for Willow's new K9 CleanCoat, & yes she's been wearing it the past two morning walks. Amazing the coat was nice & dry when we got back home (more than could be said about me!)
Julia Halladay, Warwickshire - Old English Sheepdogs

"Beau's K9 CleanCoat is just perfect after the slight adjustment. Thank you so much, Joy - a very satisfied customer."
Joy Saville, Co. Cork - Dandie Dinmont Terriers

"Love it!!!!! Thank you so much.
Kath Holt, Lancashire - English Springer Spaniels

Maisie has been using her CleanCoat as the weather has been awful. Absolutely love it. Thank you xx
Lauren Wilson, Kent - Clumber Spaniel

They definately do not restrict the dog and Bolli jumps around and looks like a spring lamb in hers"
Toni Stocks, Berkshire - Dalmatians

"The coat is really super, absolutely thrilled with it!
Just got the second coat. Super!"

Helen Cockell, Warwickshire - English Springers

"I am so grateful for all your help & patience. You are a superstar!"
Jane Eyeington, Essex - English Springer Spaniels

"Regardless of the weather we have to get our girls out in the field for a good run every day & I love the fact that now I have clean/dry dogs at the end of our walks. I can also testify that your coats do not stop natural, free movement when out free running."
Christine Borthwick, Dumfries & Galloway - Irish Setters

"Thanks Aileen, Eva's coat is stunning - she looks wonderful in it."
Linda McGillivray, Stirlingshire - Clumber Spaniel

"Thanks again, Aileen, for getting Monty's coat to us in under a week. It's lovely & Monty loves it. He kept going to it on Saturday night, patting it & coming back to kiss me"!
Pat Hardy, Notts - Welsh Springer Spaniel

"Just received my clean coat from Aileen Perry for Ella Bella. Aileen kindly let me try one and after a week put my order in for one. They are amazing! After exercising in the wet and the fact they are made to measure and don't move I could have dried the paws and gone into the show ring. Best waterproof ever, have a look for yourself."
Edith Rose, Lanarkshire - English Springer Spaniels

“Received Magic’s pyjamas, they are perfect. Have done an online payment plus a wee bit extra for a bottle of wine. Delighted with them.”
Mark Dunnachie, Ayrshire - Dalmatian

“Manchester was a good test of the onesie. We were splattered in mud on the way in and on the way out.....but Rio was clean as a whistle. The onesie however was covered in a fine spray of mud especially up the legs and belly area. Fabulous!! The mud was so bad being the 4th day of the show that we had to be towed out of our parking spot by a forklift! Have washed the onesie and it seemed to come out almost completely dry. Anyway could we go ahead and order Roxy's clean coat
Rio was out for a free-run in his onesie today following a lot of rain. It was mega muddy .....and he loves mud! However all was well and apart from the paws he was clean and dry. Maybe I'll get away without bathing him for this weekends show.
Really do appreciate all the time and trouble you've gone to – it’s a work of art and sure it will be of great practical benefit.”

Tina Thomas, Angus – Golden Retrievers

"Moyles wore his K9CleanCoat down the beach for the first time today and I could see every other dog saying to their owner "I want a K9 CleanCoat!" He loves it!"
Val McLennan, Lossiemouth - Pug

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