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Welcome to the K9 CleanCoats® website

K9 CleanCoats® offer a high quality, bespoke service, creating stylish, made-to-measure dog bodysuits (onesies) for over 70 pedigree breeds, then there are the cross-breeds.......


The super soft, 100% rain-resistant fleece helps keep dogs clean, warm and dry when they are out & about in wet/snowy weather (preventing soakings and snowballing) and are so light dogs don't know they've got them on.  These made-to-measure dog coats, with 4 full-length legs, a hood/snood & optional feet/tail cover,  are designed to allow the dogs to run freely & do the toilet.  For bitches, the belt goes right along to the stifle to keep the entire tummy covered (see the photo of the Dalmatian below).  

Not suitable for dogs working or playing in water.


Lighter, summer-weight fabric is also available for the wet warmer weather & for dogs suffering with skin allergies. 


We specialise in Giant Breeds, dogs who are an unusual size & shape, and those with unusual requirements.....


They are primarily functional garments!



Using our patented design with a high quality microfibre towelling, a made-to-measure bodysuit for your dog.

Designed to help dry wet dogs off & prevent chilling after a walk/working in the rain, baths or a visit to the Hydrotherapy pool.

Saves hours blow drying your show dogs & protects upholstery.

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Toto in his K9 CleanCoat Bath


Milo by the range in his K9 CleanCoat Bath


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Choose the colour-scheme of your bespoke K9 CleanCoat from over 60 different fabrics, including a selection of Tartans

(K9 CleanCoat Bath in sky blue only)

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  • K9 CleanCoats
  • K9 CleanCoats
  • K9 CleanCoats
  • K9 CleanCoats

Above you can see Toto an American Cocker Spaniel, a Borzoi, a Dalmatian, a Standard Poodle & a Lhasa Apso.




  • Made in either 100% rain-resistant polar fleece fabric, these bespoke, made-to-measure dog onesies help to keep all breeds of dog clean & dry when you are forced to walk them in the wet & mud, or in quality microfibre towelling to speed up drying & prevent chilling. Both save you hours of cleaning dogs, bathrooms, cars, caravans etc – see the outdoorsy dogs in the Gallery;
  • Short-coated and elderly dogs enjoy the comfort of these fleece all-in-one designer K9 CleanCoats when used as dog pyjamas or dog jammies – see the cosy dogs in the Gallery;
  • Made in a lightweight/summer fabric, K9 CleanCoats act as a protective shell and have proved very successful for dogs suffering with grass/pollen allergies, Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome & Alopecia (see the comments on the "What Our Clients Say" page). Feet & tail covers can be added if necessary;
  • Can be used to prevent dogs who have had surgery from damaging or licking their wounds, negating the use of an Elizabethan Collar or Cone. Feet & tail covers can be useful here too;
  • Amongst the wide-range of solid & patterned fabrics we have available, K9 CleanCoats® also has a variety of Tartans – see the Fabrics page and in the Gallery;
  • Show dogs benefit from K9 CleanCoat bodysuits to stay clean & warm until they actually go into the show ring. A K9 CleanCoat Bath takes all the excess water out of the coat after bathing, reducing drying time;
  • K9 CleanCoats can be used to keep whelping bitches clean whilst walking;
  • Protect the inside of your car/camper/boat from sandy, wet dogs - put the dog in its K9 CleanCoat Bath before it goes in the car & shakes, which keeps the dog warm & dries it on the way home, then remove once home & outside the car;
  • A wash & repair service is available.

Chris Packham Wildlife TV Presenter demonstrating K9 Clean Coat

As used by Chris Packham, Wildlife & TV Presenter, and worn by Itchy & Scratchy to highlight ticks after walks

Michaela Strachan & Toto at the National Pet Show
Michaela Strachan & Toto at the National Pet Show




***K9 Cleancoats features on USA TODAY & NBC***

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***K9 CleanCoats interview on Adventure Rider Radio, Canada***

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Pioneering new product announcement 10 March 2016:

Made-to-measure Kevlar undersuits to wear under K9 CleanCoats in motorcycle boxes & sidecars and on trikes.  See article on our Press page.  For use along with "Doggles".

As worn by Aslan who works for Dulux Paints

As worn by Aslan who works for Dulux Paints

I also offer an embroidery service - your dog's name or affix to further personalise your K9 CleanCoat

K9 Clean Dogs Coats with Embroidery

Now also available for cats: Gene Bene, a Sphynx Cat


Bespoke dog onesies, made-to-measure dog coats, Kevlar Dog Motorcycle Suit, Tartan Dog Coats, Designer Dog Pyjamas, Dog Jammies, All in one Fleece Dog Coats, Waterproof Dog Body Suits with legs, to protect dogs with allergies

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