K9 CleanCoats for Long & Low

K9 CleanCoats for Long & Low

I often get orders for K9 CleanCoats for long & low dogs who struggle to get anything off the peg to fit.  The problem with these types of dogs is their length of body is way out of proportion to their very short legs.  This results in their tummies always being wet and mucky, which cannot be comfortable for them on a daily basis, or ideal when they come indoors on to the furniture.

K9 Cleancoats for Long & Low
Stumpy, who is something of a legend in the Dandie Dinmont world & big mate of Clare Balding!

What are K9 CleanCoats

K9 CleanCoats are made-to-measure bodysuits, with ankle-length legs, a hood/snood and an optional tail cover.  The hood/snood is worn like a polo-neck, but can be pulled up on really cold, wet days.  They come in polar-weight fabric, which is 100% rain-resistant, or a lightweight micro-fleece.  I have a selection of over 60 different colours, including tartans, which you can see on the Fabrics page of the website.

These are some of my little Long & Low clients:

You can see many more photos of dogs in K9 CleanCoats on the Facebook page.


K9 CleanCoats to protect Motorhomes, Caravans, Cars & Boats

K9 CleanCoats to protect Motorhomes, Caravans, Cars & Boats

I regularly get orders for K9 CleanCoats to protect Motorhomes, Caravans, Cars & Boats.  As much as we love our dogs, sometimes their hair can be a real nuisance, particularly if you are trying to keep your home or vehicle in good condition!

K9 CleanCoats in Motorhomes, Caravans, Cars & Boats
Springador, Rosie, enjoying a day on the boat

What is a K9 CleanCoat

A K9 CleanCoat is a made-to-measure bodysuit for your dog, so it actually fits!  It has 4 full-length legs, with a hood/snood and an optional tail cover. It can be made in either polar fleece, or lightweight micro-fleece, in a choice of over 60 different colours, including a selection of tartans.  You can see the choice on the Fabrics page of the website.

K9 CleanCoats to protect Motorhomes, Caravans, Cars & Boats
Mousse-Lee’s Jack Russell hairs go EVERYWHERE in the car…..

It is lovely to be able to go away for a few days and not have to worry about the lack of dog bathing facilities.  A bespoke K9 CleanCoat will help keep your dog clean & dry, protecting your upholstery, and warm in bed if it is sleeping out in the awning!

In addition to helping keep your dog clean & dry, the K9 CleanCoat will prevent that wet dog smell in the enclosed area – a plus when you are with non-dog people!

There is lots more information on the website, and the order form is on the Measurement page.  You will see many more photos on the K9 CleanCoats Facebook page.

K9 CleanCoats is now also making bodysuits for dogs who travel on motorbikes.  There is a made-to-measure Kevlar undersuit, then a polar-fleece bodysuit worn over the top.  See & hear more about that on the Home page of the website. There is a Link there to a radio interview I did, which will interest doggie bikers.



Dog with Alopecia

Dog suffering with Alpopecia

I have recently made a K9 CleanCoat for a dog suffering with Alopecia.  I was contacted by Fran Chivers, down in Wiltshire.  Her aged Toy Poodle, Bob, has lost his hair over the last year & is now almost completely bald. The onset followed major dental surgery.

Fran approached K9 CleanCoats following a recommendation on the Facebook Group, Poodle Passion.  Her requirements were a bit different to the norm.  As well as a complete bodysuit, with 4 long legs & a hood/snood, she also required a tail-piece.  Toto & I said we’d have a go, & considered how best to incorporate a tail cover that would not irritate the dog or impede him going to the toilet.


Drawing up a design for a dog suffering with Alopecia

Living at opposite ends of the UK from each other, we had to work on the measurements & photographs Fran sent us.

Although Bob’s appearance is quite shocking at first glimpse, he still enjoys his food & walks out with his Poodle pals.  His real problem is feeling the cold & wet and that is something that Toto & I could help with.

The prototype

A prototype was considered, drawn up, cut out & sewn.  It looked so tiny, but I had to trust Fran’s measurements.  I told her I’d be happy to alter, if required.

When the parcel arrived, Fran said she was scared to open it.  We’ve all had big disappointments with mail-order!  However, she said as soon as she opened it she knew it would fit him.

As soon as it was on, he was very happy in it, strutting his stuff & wagging his tail. Fran said he seemed as pleased as punch!  He then product tested it out on a long walk with his friends & his stick, then indoors as PJs.  He did not find it wanting!

It has been our complete pleasure to get this little dog kitted out with a bespoke, made-to-measure K9 CleanCoat.  At 12 years old there is no reason, given his breed, why he should not last another 5 years plus.  It’s great that he can enjoy the final years of his life in warmth & comfort. The colour-scheme of his second K9 CleanCoat is already under consideration.

Dog suffering with Alopecia




K9 Kevlar bodysuits for dogs

K9 Kevlar bodysuits

Around Christmas 2015, Steve Hawley contacted me to see if I could use my patented K9 CleanCoats design to create K9 Kevlar bodysuits. He wanted to take his best friend, Renee, on trips in the side-car of his Royal Enfield.

K9 Kevlar bodysuits

The process

Firstly, I had to source Kevlar. Most manufacturers did not want to supply me with the relatively small amount I needed to make the proto-types.  Thankfully, Blake Whitrow, Heathcoat Fabrics, Tiverton was able to send me some. The Heathcoat staff were intrigued at the prospect of the world’s first motorcycle suit for a dog.

Having acquired the Kevlar, the next problem was cutting it. It is designed to be a very tough, non-tear fabric. I then had to source Kevlar shears as it minced my sewing scissors! However, once I’d got the shears it was all steam ahead. Thankfully, it is easy to sew.

The result

Having finally achieved what I hoped was a good proto-type, I set off to meet Steve down in Warwickshire. We put Renee in the yellow K9 Kevlar bodysuit & a cosy K9 CleanCoat on top to keep her protected from the rain & wind-chill.
K9 Kevlar bodysuits

K9 Kevlar bodysuits

Steve & Renee set off, with her sitting up in the side-car. Previously, she had laid down out of the wind-chill. She was enjoying being warm.

Media interest

Tom Rayner, a Producer from Associated Press, made a news film about Steve & Renee & their K9 CleanCoats. This was shown in the USA on NBC & USA Today. You can view that here or on the Home page of the K9 CleanCoats website.

Last week, & following the publicity in the US, I did an interview for Adventure Rider Radio in Canada. I spoke about how I got into making dog coats & K9 Kevlar bodysuits. The stories of Ara & the Clarkes’ travels with their dogs are fascinating. You can listen to that by clicking here or on the link on the Home page of the K9 CleanCoats website.

K9 Kevlar bodysuits

Davey Beaton’s Patterdale Terrier, Wilson, was my first trike customer.

K9 Kevlar bodysuits

Davey was kind enough to let me & Toto have a go!

K9 Kevlar bodysuits

When I created this made-to-measure bodysuit design to keep my own little dog clean, warm & dry it never occurred to me I’d end up making them in Kevlar for the world’s hairy bikers!

K9 CleanCoats for really big dogs

K9 CleanCoats for really big dogs

I am often asked to make K9 CleanCoats for really big dogs who cannot find anything off the peg.  Often, people say that their dogs don’t like wearing dog coats.  They certainly won’t if they do not fit well, & that is always the difficulty with really large dogs, like Hoolie the Komondor!

K9 CleanCoats for really big dogs

What makes K9 CleanCoats different

In every case, an individual pattern is made out for each K9 CleanCoat ordered, according to the measurements of your own dog.  It will have 4 full-length legs, a hood/snood & an optional tail cover.  The ankles will normally be elasticated at the cuff to prevent wet & dirt going up the leg.  The hood/snood is normally worn as a polo-neck to keep their neck covered when they roll.  However, on wet days it can be pulled up like a hood.  The tail cover is a useful addition when K9 CleanCoats are being worn to protect against grass/pollen allergies.

Why have a K9 CleanCoat

As much as we all love our dogs, sometimes there are some days you cannot afford the time for a dirty, smelly, wet dog!  I used to hate leaving my own dogs damp & shivering in their baskets on cold mornings after a quick towel down before I went off to work.  Life was simpler for us all if they could have their field walk but come home clean & dry.

K9 CleanCoats for really big dogs
This was my inspiration

Similarly, when we headed off to dog shows it was difficult to keep the dogs clean & dry until we got them ringside.  Staying with friends/family can be tricky if you have dirty, wet dogs too…..

Some of my larger clients

I have made lots of made-to-measure K9 CleanCoats for these large breeds in particular:

K9 CleanCoats for really big dogs
3 Leonbergers

There are many more photos on the K9 CleanCoats Facebook page & information on the website.


Clean, dry pets in K9 CleanCoats

Clean, dry pets in K9 CleanCoats

It’s not just show dogs who benefit from these, there are now hundreds of clean, dry pets in K9 CleanCoats worldwide.

Poodle crosses

In the last few years, I’ve come across just about everything crossed with a Poodle.  They are always real cuties, but when all that Poodle hair grows through they are high maintenance to keep clean & dry!  Then, don’t forget, there’s all the pulling the bits out of their coats after walks…

Labradoodles & Goldendoodles

Labradors & Golden Retrievers are often crossed with Poodles.  These are the largest Poodle crosses to own made-to-measure K9 CleanCoats.  See more on our Facebook page.

Small Poo crosses

Then there are the small Poos who are clean, dry pets in K9 CleanCoats.

Cavapoos & Cockapoos

Then of course there are the most popular crosses by far, the Cavalier & Cocker Spaniel crosses.

Lhasa Apsos & Shih Tzus

Bespoke K9 CleanCoats are also very popular amongst Lhasa Apsos & Shih Tzu owners too, both for long-coated & shaved off dogs.  Their hairy little tummies are so close to the ground, that wearing a K9 CleanCoat saves such a lot of washing & drying of dirty dogs.

Lots more breeds…..

So many other breeds & types of dogs are now wearing made-to-measure K9 CleanCoats, both to help stay clean & dry & to act as coveralls from grass/pollen allergen.  With the 4 full-length legs, hood/snood & optional tail cover, virtually all the dog is covered.  They are even made in Kevlar now for dogs travelling in motorcycle side-cars & on trikes.

There are hundreds more photos of clean, dry pets in K9 CleanCoats both in the Gallery of the K9 CleanCoats website & on the Facebook page.


K9 CleanCoats was at Crufts

K9 CleanCoats was at Crufts

K9 CleanCoats was at Crufts 9-12 March 2017. I had pre-arranged to measure up dogs from 8am each day. Although I do most of my measuring on Skype or over the telephone these days, it was fun to touch base with lots of existing customers who wanted additional coats.  See why they are so popular on the “What Our Clients Say” page of the website, & Facebook Reviews.

Wearing new navy trousers to measure on Terrier day was a mistake. There was more hair on them than the benches by the time I’d measured Skyes & Westies!

K9 CleanCoats snapped walking in

The Mail Online had a field day on Gundog day. Maggie, a Clumber Spaniel, was reported as “looking mischievous”! Hugo, an Irish Red & White Setter was described as a “Mulit-coloured superstar”!  Can’t tell who the Irish Setters are, with their hoods up.  Jo Cunliffe’s English Springers got a look in too.  For lots more photos of dogs in K9 CleanCoats, click here.

I was disappointed not to make my 8am appointment with 2 Borzois on Hound Day. Someone had forgotten to post their entry!  I was pleased to see Dylan, a Clumber Spaniel, who is now in his second K9 CleanCoat.

It was good to catch up with the Beardie crowd on Pastoral Day & see young Charlie in his new K9 CleanCoat.  There is lots of information about K9 CleanCoats on the website.

Late on Gundog Day I managed to catch up with Glenys Harrison, who had re-homed my late friend & client Eileen Speich’s American Cocker Spaniel, Sunny.  It was great to see him looking so slim & he must feel better for having lost a lot of his profuse coat.

Glenys & Sunny

It was lovely to finish the 4 long days with a Champagne party to celebrate Old English Sheepdog Harry achieving Champion status. The cake was as good as it looks.  He’s recently had his third made-to-measure K9 CleanCoat from me, having worn them since he was a youngster. His little daughter had done very well earlier in the day, & she recently got her first K9 CleanCoat.

Harry's celebration

That’s it all over again for another year……..

East of Scotland Canine Club

East of Scotland Canine Club

On Sunday, 4th March, the East of Scotland Canine Club celebrated their 90th anniversary open dog show.  It was held at the Jack Kane Centre outside Edinburgh.

Chris judged the Hound Group, whilst me & Toto measured up some existing customers for new “best” K9 CleanCoats & photographed some who’d already got theirs.

Hadn’t seen little Havanese brothers Pippin & Pogle since they had got their coats, so was lovely to see them.  They’d brought their puppy mummy to be measured for her own K9 CleanCoat.

East of Scotland Canine Club

East of Scotland Canine Club

Heard awfully sad news that Gordon Setter Brodie, one of our best friends & customers, had died.  He was a gorgeous boy & will be hugely missed by Margaret & Laura and all their family & friends.

East of Scotland Canine Club

It was a lovely, friendly show & thanks to Alan Leach & his Committee for allowing me to promote K9 CleanCoats. Thank you too for the super lunch! It was so much more enjoyable than the one we attended in Granada last month.

We’d a quick stop at Kinross on the way home to meet up with top-winning Skye Terrier, Maisie.  Got some nice photos of her in her new K9 CleanCoat for Toto’s Facebook page.

East of Scotland Canine Club

To see lots more photos of dogs staying clean, warm & dry in their made-to-measure K9 CleanCoats, click here.

K9 CleanCoats took a trip to Granada

K9 CleanCoats took a trip to Granada

In the middle of February, K9 CleanCoats took a trip to Granada, Andalusia. This came about as a result of sending a K9 CleanCoat over to the lovely Margaret & David Watson for their Standard Poodle, Nico.

K9 CleanCoats took a trip to Granada

We were keen to see Nico in the show ring & promote K9 CleanCoats to exhibitors attending the dog show.

We arrived in Granada 3 days in advance to do some sightseeing.  So often when attending shows, we never see anything outside the doors of the venue.

The Alhambra

We spent a fabulous day wandering around the “Red Castle” & its gardens, set high on the hillside above the city.

K9 CleanCoats took a trip to Granada

Its origins as a fortress can be traced back to at least the 9th century. The magnificent palace we saw did not begin to take shape until the 13th century.  It fell into ruin in the 18th century.

K9 CleanCoats took a trip to Granada

 The Science Park

K9 CleanCoats took a trip to Granada

This was another fascinating day spent outside of a dog show.  We thoroughly enjoyed the butterfly park, the Bio-Dome, the falconry display, the planetarium and the butterfly park.

K9 CleanCoats took a trip to Granada

Carrefour, Granada

K9 CleanCoats took a trip to Granada

Our trip began to take a downturn when we popped into the Carrefour supermarket. Within the Pet Shop, there were a selection of very young, sad-looking puppies for sale under bright lights in glass tanks.

K9 CleanCoats took a trip to Granada

There was an older Beagle pup in a tank on its own. It was digging about furiously in the bedding – way too grown up to be confined within this tiny area.  I thought long & hard about complaining about their conditions to a store manager. However, the fact is that outside the store (& all the restaurants) were people begging for food, such is the harsh economic environment out there.  The pups did all have water & some dried meal.

Granada Dog Show – 18th & 19th February

Things got worse when we got to the dog show. We were shocked to see so many breeds with cropped ears & docked tails, banned in so much of Europe now.

K9 CleanCoats took a trip to Granada

We saw some very rough handling, filthy dogs in very poor condition & many left in crates in the sun without water or bedding.

K9 CleanCoats took a trip to Granada

K9 CleanCoats took a trip to Granada

We saw a desperately lame puppy being run around the practice ring that should have been resting at home.  Another puppy was scouring badly, stood next to its ambivalent owner. The final straw was when a couple of ex-pat Brits told us how they have a Spanish vet who de-barks their kennel of show Poodles to prevent their barking.
It was a relief to see all the American Cockers there were well-fed & cared for.
K9 CleanCoats took a trip to Granada


Granada was a great place for a short-break, but we will not be heading back to any Spanish dog shows anytime soon…..

Kilmarnock & District Canine Club

Kilmarnock & District Canine Club

I hadn’t been to an Open Show in ages, but had a super day with my mum & dad on 3rd January at the Kilmarnock & District Canine Club Open Show.

A new venue

The Club were trying out a new venue, The Citadel Leisure Centre, Ayr. This was as a result of the closure of The Magnum Leisure Centre, Irvine. The Citadel had lovely big rings, all in the one hall, but the limited parking caught out some late arrivals.


My dad judged the Terrier & Utility Groups.  He saw some lovely dogs & his West Highland White Terrier Special Puppy winner won Best Special Puppy in Show.  I understand that he & my mum had a very tasty lunch after judging!

K9 CleanCoats

Dad was busy all day, so mum caught up with her friends & customers & promoted K9 CleanCoats to other show people.  She measured up 2 little pet Toy Poodles who will really enjoy being warm & dry when they receive their made-to-measure coats.  We also measured up a pet Havanese who’d arranged to meet us there while he was over from France on holiday. Apparently, where he lives in the suburbs of Paris there is a lot of pollution, so he needs a K9 CleanCoat to keep his long hair clean.  Watch out for photos of them on my K9 CleanCoats Facebook page.

My socialising

I worked my way around the show looking cute & scavenging treats, (& stealing some from open show bags).  I had little sausages, liver cake, all manner of biscuits & chicken.  It was a real surprise to me that I was not sick on the way home!  It is surprising how tiring all that socializing makes small dogs…..

Kilmarnock & District Canine Club
Too tired to share the drive home……. Toto x

A good day

All 3 of us really enjoyed our day.  There was a really friendly atmosphere at the show. Maybe as many people had been housebound, eating & drinking over the entirety of the holiday period, they were just really glad to get a day out!

Toto x